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Littleton, CO 80122
(303) 993-4512
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Updated July 22, 2016

Schedule Modifications:

Saturday, August 6th
CLOSED for CKA tournament

New Web Site Under Construction.  Information here is current.  Please check your e-mail for upcoming events and schedule modifications.
Peoples Kenpo Karate Highlands Ranch
Welcome to PKKA Highlands Ranch
We are a family owned, Black Belt and Competition dojo located in Littleton, Colorado.  Our style is Hawaiian Kenpo Karate, originating from Grand Master Bill Ryusaki.  The name, Peoples Kenpo Karate, comes from our namesake, Grand Master Cecil Peoples, who trained under Grand Master Bill.  Both Grand Master Bill and Grand Master Cecil continue to teach at the House of Champions in California.  We are proud to be part of the Ryu Dojo and Peoples' Kenpo Karate system having trained at the PKKA National Training Center under Kyoshi Cordova and join our other schools in  California, Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico as we continue to teach what Grand Master Bill started.
Sensei Kendall (4th degree), Tanner (3rd degree), Susan (2nd degree) and Ty Fujii (3rd degree)

As a family of Black Belts we know the martial arts journey is specific to each individual and we want to make that journey special.  No matter the age or rank of the student, our goal is to provide instruction in order to give our students an opportunity to succeed in every class.  If you are new to the martial arts our curriculum blends traditional Hawaiian Kenpo Karate together with Mixed Martial Arts which includes Judo, Jiu Jitsu and Kickboxing.  As a whole, your training with us will provide you with a well rounded self defense skill set.

If you like competitive sport karate then TEAM PKKA Highlands Ranch is something you will enjoy.  As a family we have competed in the Colorado Karate Association (CKA) since we started our training and have also competed nationally in both the North American Sport Karate Association (NASKA)  and the National Black Belt League (NBL).  We still enjoy competitive karate and bring that passion instructing and coaching TEAM PKKA Highlands Ranch.  Since 2010 we have trained over 40 Colorado Karate Association State Champions.  We have also traveled to national NBL tournaments.

Please contact us for more information about our programs.  We are happy to discuss them with you in more detail.  Call us at (303) 993-4512 or e-mail us at pkka-hr@q.com

From left to right: Sensei Kendall Y Fujii, Master John Hackelman, Sensei Tanner Fujii, Grand Master Cecil Peoples, Grand Master Bill Ryusaki, Master Chuck Cordova, Master Jason Holmes. Front left to right: Sensei Ty Fujii, Sensei Susan Fujii
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